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KUJIRA Co., Ltd.

Delivering reliable and satisfactory used printing machines

by utilizing our wide network.

Our company is based in Numazu, Shizuoka prefecture. We buy, sell, import and export

used printing machines.

We also sell printing-related equipment and parts.

Regarding the purchase of used printing machines,

we can sell directly to overseas printing companies as well as dealers.
We purchase the machine at a price that our customers are satisfied with.
If you want to buy a used printing machine, bookbinding machine, or plate making machine,

please leave it to "KUJIRA".
The manufacturer and model year do not matter.

We also make use of our extensive overseas network to search for used printing machines in good condition and make proposals to our customers.
If you are looking for a used printing press such as Heidelberg, Manroland, KBA, please feel free to contact us.
We will actively search for machines that are not on the list.

​​Business content

● Purchase and sale of used offset printing machines

● Import and export of used offset printing machines

​● Purchase, sale and import / export of printing machine related equipment

  Purchase, sale and import / export of printing machine parts

​● Dissemble offset printing machines

​● Japanese-Chinese interpreter

​​KUJIRA's Strengths

  • By thoroughly analyzing fluctuating used printing machine market prices on a daily basis and managing database, we guarantee the machine quality and reasonable price to our customers.

  • With abundant and sound cash flow, we can quickly purchase the machines requested by our customers.

  • We establish our own purchasing route and provide high quality machines at reasonable prices.

  • We have an inland warehouse in Germany, the center of the European economy, and a bonded warehouse in Japan.

​​KUJIRA Warranty

  • We provide our customers with reliable services, from arranging machine inspections in Japan and overseas to shipping machines.

  • In the process of selecting a machine, a print test is conducted by a professional engineer to thoroughly inspect the machine quality.


​​Overseas office
【in Germany】

Safe process from customer machine inspection to shipping. We apply ourselves to our work in earnest, ensuring that our customer's machine inspection and shipping are conducted safely and smoothly.

[Main business contents]

  • Issuing an invitation letter to obtain a customer inspection visa.

  • Machine inspection attendance.

  • Print test supervision.

  • Disassembly, shipping arrangements and supervision.


​​Customer support
Service Center
【in China】

Promptly delivering reliable machine information to customers, and in a united cooperation system with KUJIRA Co., Ltd., we are striving every day with the mission of firmly supporting customers from machine inspections to contracts, import customs clearance, and installation.

[Main business contents]

  • Support for Chinese import customs clearance application for used printing machines.

  • Arrangement of installation of contracted used printing machines.

  • On-site supervision and troubleshooting support at the time of installation.

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