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【Notes on transactions】
Please be sure to read it.

Please check the following information before transaction.

​​■ About inventory information

Inventory information is frequently updated, so please forgive us if it is sold out.

■ About the sales contract

To buy or sell a property, you will be required to conclude a "machine sales contract" designated by us.

​■ About payment

Please pay the property price by bank transfer at least 3 business days before the property delivery date. Please note that the transfer charges must be paid by the customer.

​■ About product confirmation and test run

Please contact us by phone in advance if you would like to confirm the property or visit us for a test run.

​■ Warranty

Since it is a second-hand property, it will be delivered as it is, so we do not guarantee it at all. In addition, we cannot accept returns. Please check the actual product as much as possible and purchase it at your own risk.

​■ About liability for defect warranty

Since it is a second-hand property, we are not responsible for any defects. Therefore, the customer cannot exempt the trading value, claim damages, or cancel the contract.

■ About shipping

At the time of shipment, the customer is requested to prepare the carry-out preparation work (oil treatment, set-down, clamp tool arrangement and clamp work, packing work, etc.).

​​■ About transportation

The property price does not include loading, transportation and installation costs. Customers are requested to prepare hanging tools, wires, etc.

​■ About the Product Liability Law

Customers should confirm that our products do not fall under the "manufacturers, etc." stipulated in Article 2.3 of the Product Liability Law.

■ About Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law

When exporting our products equivalent to strategic materials and technologies based on the "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act", permission from the government (or the government of the country of its origin) is required.

In addition, when selling the product to a third party, we will notify the third party of the document to this effect and refuse to sell it if there is a risk of illegal export.

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