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​​Free nationwide assessment

​​Immediate cash settlement

​​Transaction costs shall be borne by the Company

Ink Jet Printer

​1. Contact us

Please let us know the manufacturer name, model name, model year, etc. of the machine you want to assess.
Our sales staff with abundant assessment experience will contact you shortly.

2. Machine assessment

In order to calculate the accurate appraisal value, the staff in charge will visit the machine at your convenience. There is no nationwide business trip fee.

​​3.  Presentation of the appraisal value

Although our valuation is evaluated as reliable,

if you are not satisfied, please do not hesitate to decline.

4.  Completion of contact

We will also determine the machine delivery date.
It will be shipped out in about 10 days after the contract is concluded.

5.  Carrying out machine equipment

We promise safe and speedy delivery by a company specializing in printing machines.
After the carry-out work is completed, the purchase price will be transferred in full cash immediately.

As a trading company specializing in used printing machines,

we promote purchase at a high price.
Please feel free to contact us if you are thinking of replacing or selling machines. Our procurement specialist will respond.

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TEL: 055-925-6618

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